Welcome to The Martini Golf Classic Business Networking Tournament!  We are a unique exclusive golf tournament founded in 2022 by Doris Muscarella, a passionate networker, business owner, and avid golfer. As a business development consultant, Doris has a knack for building strong relationships and generating business opportunities for her clients. She also shares her love for golf, combining it with the power of networking to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

 The Martini Golf Classic Tournament is not just a regular golf tournament; it is a platform where professionals from various industries come together to connect, collaborate, and build valuable business relationships. Our event offers a perfect blend of friendly competition on the golf course and meaningful networking opportunities.

 As the years go by, we aim to grow and expand our reach, bringing together even more professionals and businesses from different corners of the business world. The Martini Golf Classic Golf Tournament will continue to serve as a platform for business growth, camaraderie, and fun on the golf course.

 We look forward to welcoming you to The Martini Golf Classic Business Networking Tournament, where you can enjoy the game you love, create lasting connections, and take your business endeavors to new heights. Cheers to networking and golf!

Doris Muscarella

Founder of Martini Golf Classic &
Certified Golf Tournament Consultant

Tony Rivera

Co-chair of Martini Golf Classic 

Photos from Martini Golf Classic 2023