Frequently Asked Questions

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Why attend a Business Networking Golf Tournament?


Attending a Business Networking Golf Tournament offers a unique and strategic approach to connecting with professionals. Here are the top reasons to market to golfers, as highlighted by Benchmark:


    1. Higher Income Potential:
        • Golfers, on average, earn 200% more income than non-golfers. This demographic’s increased purchasing power makes them valuable targets for business and networking opportunities.
    2. Executive Presence:
        • A substantial 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs are golfers. Engaging in a golf tournament provides a rare chance to interact with and make an impression on influential business leaders.
    3. Business Decision-Makers:
        • Golfers are known for making significant business decisions on the course. Approximately 75% of golfers recommend or order products and services while at work, making a golf networking event an ideal platform for business discussions and deals.
    4. Homeownership:
        • An impressive 91% of golfers are homeowners, indicating stability and potential interest in various products and services related to homeownership and lifestyle.
    5. Multiple Vehicle Owners:
        • A notable 32% of golfers own at least three vehicles, suggesting a diverse and affluent demographic that may have varied needs and interests.
    6. Golf and Networking Synergy:
        • The combination of golf and networking is powerful. The leisurely yet strategic nature of golf creates an environment conducive to building relationships and fostering connections that extend beyond the golf course.

In conclusion, the Business Networking Golf Tournament offers a targeted and lucrative opportunity to connect with a high-income demographic, engage with influential decision-makers, and leverage the unique synergy between golf and networking for professional and business success.



How will I get paired with the golfers in my target market?


To ensure that you are paired with golfers in your target market, we’ve implemented a personalized registration process. When you register for the event, you will have the opportunity to specify three (3) professions within your target market that you would like to be paired with. Our team is committed to making every effort to match you strategically with golfers who align with your specified preferences.

By providing this information during the registration process, you enable us to curate a golfing experience that maximizes your networking opportunities. We understand the importance of connecting with individuals in your specific industry or target market, and our goal is to enhance your overall experience at the Business Networking Golf Tournament by facilitating meaningful connections with like-minded professionals.

Rest assured that your preferences will be taken into consideration, and we look forward to creating a tailored and rewarding networking experience for you on the golf course. Thank you for joining us in this unique blend of golf and strategic networking.


What is the best option to promote our business?


Promote your Business

To effectively promote your business, we recommend exploring multiple channels, including vendor tables, advertising in the Golf Tournament Booklet, and sponsorship opportunities. These avenues offer diverse and strategic ways to showcase your brand. For detailed information and assistance with these promotional options, please reach out to Doris Muscarella at (954) 240-4853 or via email at [email protected]. Doris will be delighted to provide you with comprehensive insights and guide you through the available opportunities to ensure your business receives optimal exposure at the event. Thank you for considering these promotional avenues, and we look forward to partnering with you to elevate your brand visibility at the Business Networking Golf Tournament.